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Masks of Seals and Angels

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28th January 2004

siliconrose9:35am: Calling Out
Could those of you participating in Masks of Seals and Angels who have not given me your character yet, please do so? Those of you who wish to withdraw, I would appreciate it if you could drop me a line telling me. I'd like to tally up players so I can start creating the other characters. ^^


4th December 2003

ketsugami3:09pm: "Howard Dean has opened a daunting lead in the Democratic presidential contest in New Hampshire, says a poll released Wednesday night.

DEAN WAS at 42 percent, 30 points ahead of his closest rival, John Kerry, in the Zogby poll of voters who say they’re likely to vote in the Jan. 27 primary. One in five, 19 percent, were undecided.

Dean had a lead of more than 20 points in several other recent polls, including a Zogby poll in October.

Kerry, a Massachusetts senator who led in the state early this year, was at 12 percent; retired Gen. Wesley Clark was at 9 percent and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman was at 7 percent."


Maybe Dean can beat Bush, maybe he can't. But either way, it looks like he's our man.

19th August 2003

dragonoflife8:12pm: [OOC]

Much thanks to cyfis for the liberal help with my character's name.

Fujisawa Ryoukichi. The given name Ryoukichi means "auspicious portent of dragons", meant to be a suitable name for an only son, and also a delightful unintended prophecy. Fujisawa means wisteria gully or stream. In this game, the name Fujisawa is associated with a powerful corporate conglomerate, and is in that respect similar to famous names such as Mitsubishi.

More to come as necessary.
cyfis7:46pm: Character name

Since I've actually gotten around to finding an appropriate name for my character.

Igarashi Seima. "Igarashi" is a common Japanese surname whose kanji literal meaning is "50 storms". Seima is a given name, whose kanji meaning can be any of a number of things, but unless your character has reason to actually see it in writing, assume that it is the kanji for "pure truth", an uncommon (but not rare) male given name.

I'm in the process of making an LJ icon to use with the character, bear with me on the LJ default for awhile.
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11th May 2003

siliconrose10:14am: OOC: Character Creation Change
Some people have come to me with their concepts and I have realized that Dynamic Sorcery will fit better with the characters likely to be in the game. Thus, in the character creation rules, we are now using Dynamic Sorcery instead of Magic. I don't think this will hurt any concepts - and it should help them.

10th May 2003

siliconrose3:28pm: OOC: Reference Materials
Tokyo Babylon:
Scanlations of the manga: http://doki3.net/tyo/
The manga is being professionally released by Viz.
The TV series is being professionally released by Pioneer.
The movie is on crack, but it was professionally released by Palm Pictures.

I have all of the Japanese manga that has been released for both X and Tokyo Babylon, but, as it is Japanese, you can only read it unless you can read Japanese.

I'll look up a couple of reference pages which people can use if they don't mind being spoiled.
siliconrose3:09pm: OOC: Announcements
Hey, everyone. Hope character creation is going well; I know that some of you have already consulted me on concepts for your characters. The current character count I have is Angels: 3 and Seals: 2.

We now have eight members (some of whom do not have livejournals, and thus are not yet added to the community). I'm going to cap it at 12.

Now for a few notes.

If you have a character concept, please contact me about it at some point, preferably before you start putting it into numbers. I'd like to clear up any problems before they happen.

Those of you who've passed a character concept through me, please feel free to submit any character sheets, histories, descriptions or extras. I'd like to keep track of everything.

If you have any questions, email or IM me.
About game flow...

I'm expecting game to be rather sparse beginning May 16th and ending late June. Pre-Convocation may still start within this time. I don't expect Pre-Convocation to be as high-tension as Convocation or the Final Days, so people being unable to regularly watch the community shouldn't be a problem. Just be aware that some players (and possibly the GM) will be busy.

You can all post OOC chitchat relevant to the game on the community for now. After enough characters clear me, I'll open it up for in character interaction and Pre-Convocation will begin.

9th May 2003

siliconrose2:32pm: Character Creation Rules
Your base character creation starts with 35 Character Points. It's low, but remember it's just your starting character - you'll get points as you play in standard experience fashion, with hefty boosts in between phases.

Your characters are human, or mostly human. They're probably Japanese, though I allow for some leeway in this, since many of you may not be familiar with Japanese culture in an applied fashion. (I'm willing to help provide references if you want to give it a try, however. ~smiles~) They probably have -one- particular ability which they excel at, though there are exceptions (for example, one could say that Sorata excelled at both the control of lightning and at monk style magic). Keep these guidelines in mind as you think of your character.

Stat Point Limitations:
I am limiting Stat Points - you cannot take above a 9 in a particular Stat.

Attribute Point Limitations:
If your character has a Mecha, you are going to have to do some hefty justification. I could see it, barely, as being possible, but X is not a Mecha anime. I strongly suggest you avoid Attributes associated with Mecha.

The following Attributes are prohibited: Contamination, Magic (we're now using Dynamic Sorcery), Space Flight and Star Flight.

The following Attributes are strongly suggested: Jumping or Flight.

Dragons of Heaven needn't purchase the ability to create a Kekkai, it's part of being a Dragon of Heaven.

The following Defects are prohibited: Diminutive and Restricted Path.

The following Defects are strongly discouraged: Involuntary Physical Change, Owned by a Megacorp, and Red Tape.

We will be using Skills in this game, and the skill costs will be under the Occult Horror genre. (As inappropriate as I'm sure that seems.) You have 20 Skill Points.

Concentrate more on the character than the stats. Though we are using Skill Points in character creation, I don't expect skills to be rolled often. Use them more as a guideline for roleplaying.

Good luck.
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siliconrose10:18am: A Couple of Things, to Start
Hey everyone, welcome to the community.

Some of you have already started creating ideas, and others are leaving your character concepts open as of yet. Either way is fine - at the end of the process I would prefer to see an approximately equal number of people on both sides. Speaking of which, we currently have six players - I wanted to get at least six, but the more the merrier (and the less work for me, the GM ~grins~), so if you have suggestions for people, just pass them by me.

First on the list of things to decide is whether we want this game to be public or not. We can share it with the world or keep it a private game as we choose. Please reply to this post with your opinions on the matter.

This game will take place in three phases.

First is Pre-Convocation. Consider this the Tokyo Babylon of this game. During Pre-Convocation, the Seals and Angels are going through their lives, encountering others, making connections, either witting or unwitting as to their fates with respect to the Promised Day. Player-Player interaction is strongly encouraged. I'd say a major part of X is the fact that around half of the Angels and Seals have some sort of connection to the other side. Posting any information you'd like to share while you're getting used to your character is also encouraged. However, there will be no killing of Player Characters in this phase.

Second is Convocation. Most of X revolves around the Convocation phase. It consists of the Seals and Angels gathering into their respective groups and beginning the first skirmishes. Death of Player Characters may occur during this phase, but it's not encouraged.

Last come the Final Days. People are dying, many things have been broken beyond repair - is the world going to end here? Character death is likely in this phase.

I'll respond to any questions by editing this post. Information on how exactly characters are to be created will be detailed in the next post.

Again, welcome!
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